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The Film


HAROLD is an allergy-prone recluse, living in a small Echo Park (Los Angeles) house in the center of a vibrant and loud Hispanic community.

He spends his days obsessing over his collection of microphones, compressors, and sonic devices -- recording neighborhood sounds and eavesdropping on the conversations of others to enjoy from the safe, hypoallergenic realm of his insulated home.

That is, until a growing pile of bills leads him to rent out his garage to the vivacious young ALLY, a bike mechanic with an almost anthropological interest in "weirdoes". Needless to say, she is fascinated by Harold, but shows little regard for his personal space.

When Harold's 6-year-old neighbor PEARL goes missing, Harold's world is turned upside down when he realizes that his neighborhood recordings, along with the mysterious appearance of several strange objects in his home, may provide clues to the case.

Not trusting the police, the unlikely pair vow to find Pearl themselves by spying on their neighbors and pursuing their own suspects. Ally's drive and Harold's fear prove a difficult and sometimes comic detective partnership as Ally pushes Harold far beyond his realms of comfort and challenges the very nature of his identity.

Against the backdrop of a small community's mystery, "The Sound and the Shadow" examines the very character of our homes -– how we live, love, and hide inside of them.

The Filmmakers


Writer, Director, Producer

Justin Paul Miller's work has premiered in dozens of festivals on five continents and won awards at Heartland Film Festival (Crystal Heart), Short Shorts Film Festival (Audience Award & Minister's Award), Miami Short Film Festival (Jury Prize), and more. Commercially, Justin produces and directs for The Salvation Army, Red Cross, Union Rescue Mission, and YMCA. "The Sound and the Shadow" is his fourth feature length screenplay. Justin is a graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts.


Writer, Producer

Born and raised off the Mississippi River in St. Louis, MO, Sam ventured West at the age of 17 to attend the University of Southern California and found his religion in filmmaking. Since graduating the School of Cinematic Arts, Sam has written several feature-length screenplays, including the award-winning original script, "Imagine The Moon." As a filmmaker, Sam has had his short films screen in film festivals throughout the country. But his proudest achievement so far has been working with Justin on "The Sound & The Shadow," his best and favorite work to date.



Michael Dwyer has shot documentaries ranging from the PBS series "The Calling" in the US and Samoa, to "Holy Land: Common Ground" in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, to "The Foolishness of God: Desmond Tutu and Forgiveness," in which he followed the Nobel Laureate to the war-torn Solomon Islands. He filmed a documentary along the Silk Road on post-war youth resiliency in Jordan, Turkey, Bosnia and Kyrgyzstan. Michael also shot and produced BET's 2008 Spotlight Video of the Year: Fonzworth Bentley's Everybody music video, featuring Kanye West and André 3000. His commercial clients include The New York Times, Adidas, Yahoo, The Salvation Army, The Red Cross and Diageo. Michael is a graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts and runs his own production company,


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