June 29, 2022

Greece deploying migrants to expel migrants, Human Legal rights Watch alleges

Human Rights View has made fresh new allegations against Greece. The firm accuses the country not only of continuing to engage in the unlawful pushback of migrants at its borders but also employing 3rd region nationals, other migrants, to do so.

“Greek authorities, together with via proxies they use, are assaulting, robbing, and stripping Afghan asylum seekers and migrants, together with youngsters, before summarily pushing them back to Turkey by way of the Evros river.”

The group Human Legal rights Watch (HRW) started their most current report, posted April 7, with these allegations. In it they describe a “sample” of unlawful pushbacks which started off in 2008, and are corroborated by different other NGOs, as nicely as the Council of Europe and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

According to HRW, masked adult men, some of whom surface to be of Center Jap or South Asian origin, have been piloting boats on the Evros river, which delineates much of the land border concerning Turkey and Greece, and forcing other migrants to strip down prior to telling them to get out and wade back to the Turkish side of the river.

The allegations are based mostly on interviews with 26 Afghans, 23 of whom instructed HRW they were being pushed back involving September 2021 and February 2022.

Migrants pushing back migrants

In 1 occasion, a person of the interviewees reported that his boat was taken across the Evros river by two Afghans and two Pakistanis. Talking Pashto, these guys discussed that they had been picked by the law enforcement to take other migrants across the river for the reason that the Greek police “don’t want to be straight involved in sending the folks back to Turkey.”

One more migrant stated one particular of the boat pilots, who was from Pakistan, discussed “we are below … doing this perform for a few months and then they give us … a three webpage document. With this [document], we can shift freely inside of Greece and then we can get a ticket for another nation.”

Another Afghan, a 25-calendar year-previous journalist termed Bedar* was also fleeing the Taliban. In his situation, he mentioned the men piloting the boat were Syrian and talking Arabic.

The two ladies interviewed, who were being traveling with their youngsters and husbands, said they were not requested to eliminate their apparel, on the other hand they also alleged that their phones and other belongings had been eradicated in custody and 1 lady was held with her daughter and separated from her husband.

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The border fence amongst Turkey and Greece runs around the wetlands of the Evros River

Interviews with 26 Afghans

In an write-up in the EU Observer, the director of Human Legal rights Watch’s refugee method, Invoice Frelick, says that in 2008, he previously documented comparable abuses getting spot and had thought that “this kind of revelations would shock the Greek public and men and women during the European Union,” that “these abuses would promptly occur to an stop.”

Fourteen years on, even though, opinions Frelick in the same short article, “the brutality has not abated, and has taken a change that demonstrates even greater cowardice, callousness, and contempt for the rule of legislation on the portion of Greece’s authorities.”

The Afghans interviewed by Frelick and his team allege that the Greek authorities — or individuals they thought to be performing for Greece — conquer them quite a few occasions whilst in custody or as they were being forced into the Evros river. Twenty-two of those people interviewed explained that they experienced been requested either to strip down to their underwear or even “absolutely naked.” All of them alleged that the Greek authorities had stolen “their money, cell telephones, or other possessions.”

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Turkey specified as a ‘safe country’

HRW argues that section of the basis for Greece’s steps is that in June 2021, Greece declared Turkey a safe place for asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Somalia. That means that if nationals of those people international locations tried to assert asylum in Greece, they would be promptly processed to see if their assert could be established by Turkey as a substitute of Greece.

However, HRW factors out that Turkey does not fulfill the “safe and sound place” conditions proven by the EU. Because July 2019 there have been recurring studies that Turkey has forcibly deported hundreds of Syrians from its metropolitan areas. In an incident in February 2022, Turkey is believed to have deported “at least 150 Syrians to Syria despite obtaining guarded status,” in accordance to HRW.

The migrants who spoke to Human Rights View also claimed that they experienced not been thoroughly registered by the Greek authorities or specified an possibility to lodge an asylum claim.

Greek border guards at the fence on the border with Turkey | Photo: Sakris Mitrolidis/AFP
Greek border guards at the fence on the border with Turkey | Photograph: Sakris Mitrolidis/AFP

‘Beaten and kicked’

Naji* a 37-12 months-previous previous Afghan Unique Forces soldier from Baghlan, who fled the nation after the Taliban takeover in August 2021, instructed HRW that he was in a team of 25 when they were arrested by the Greek law enforcement. He reported he was beaten. “They kicked me and whoever was not on the lookout [at] the floor. If you appeared up, they defeat you additional. Their habits was completely inhumane.” Naji describes making an attempt to cover himself “with leaves” soon after the group have been instructed to take off their garments.

Some migrants, say HRW, allege becoming crushed with truncheons and even threatened with guns. A 23-calendar year-previous Afghan named Afsar* mentioned that when he attempted to escape the law enforcement following remaining strike with a baton “a policemen pointed a gun on my head and told me to sit down or usually he would fireplace.”

A single guy, Fathullah* a 29-year-previous from Herat explained he had approached the police for support right after getting to be divided from his team. He stated that right after currently being overwhelmed and stripped the police compelled him to hand about his vital paperwork such as a passport. He mentioned he wanted these to seek out asylum but hardly ever received his passport back. He also suggests law enforcement defeat him and broke his teeth, leading to him to bleed. Later on, he reported “bodily I am okay but mentally I can hardly ever ignore these moments.”

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Promised documents in return for get the job done with police

In accordance to Human Legal rights Check out, 16 of the Afghan interviewees “described that the boats taking them again to Turkey have been piloted by non-Greek men who spoke Arabic or South Asian languages typical amongst migrants.” Some of the migrants interviewed discovered these pilots as coming from Pakistan and Syria.

The migrants explained that the Greek police ended up “close by” whilst these “adult men loaded the migrants on to smaller boats.” They stated these non-Greek gentlemen “often wore black or commando-like uniforms in addition to balaclavas to obscure their identities.”

A few of the Afghans who struck up discussions with these adult men said that they experienced informed them they were being also migrants who had been promised documents by the Greek authorities if they did this get the job done for them for 3 months.

5 of the interviewees instructed HRW that they had not been taken to the Turkish riverbank from Greece but forced to get off the boat in the center of the Evros river. Some of them said the h2o experienced been “chest-to-chin-substantial h2o” and “freezing temperatures” when they had disembarked.

Some of the interviewees also explained that some of the uniformed law enforcement had either “German or Austrian flag patches” on their dresses. Law enforcement wearing these patches “did not interact with them or make endeavours to intervene in the circumstance.” Nevertheless, Human Rights Check out propose that these folks could have been functioning for the European Border Agency Frontex, which has “more than 650 visitor officers” stationed in Greece.

From file: A group of migrants with children resting on the bank of the Meric (Evros) River at the Turkish-Greek border near Edirne, Turkey | Photo: EPA/Sedat Suna
From file: A group of migrants with children resting on the lender of the Meric (Evros) River at the Turkish-Greek border close to Edirne, Turkey | Photo: EPA/Sedat Suna

Greek police refute all allegations

The Greek law enforcement wrote a letter in response to the allegations, expressing they keep on to “refute all results and allegations of misconduct.” The letter from Important Common Dimitrios Mallios, Chief of the Aliens and Border Defense Branch / Hellenic Law enforcement Headquarters, was written in Greek and was unofficially translated by Human Legal rights Enjoy.

Major Basic Mallios reported that all police organizations and their staff members would “keep on to run in a experienced, lawful and prompt way, using all vital steps to properly regulate the refugees / migration flows, in a fashion that safeguards on the one particular hand the rights of the aliens and on the other hand the protection of citizens especially in the first line border locations.”

He also reported that “no migrant requesting global protection is refouled.” Any one inquiring for asylum would have their software “examined” and if they been given a rejection it would be in “whole compliance with the domestic and intercontinental regulation and specially with the provisions of the Geneva Conference.”

Law enforcement performing to defend borders and ‘social cohesion’

Moreover the law enforcement authorities reported that they were being performing only to guard their exterior borders and preserve “social cohesion” in the region. For this they explained they get the job done jointly with Frontex and have a duty to safeguard the exterior borders from “illegal border crossings,” and also “in opposition to arranged cross-border crime in the type of migrant smuggling and other hybrid threats in which migrants have been instrumentalized by 3rd international locations these types of as Turkey.”

The Significant Basic admitted that border surveillance and regulate was remaining carried out at the Evros river border as very well as at sea and together the Greek coasts. He also said that when third region nationals were stopped by the Greek law enforcement, they had been transferred to the “Fylakio Reception and Identification Center at Orestiada, for further management in accordance with the Greek Law.”

In these facilities, people today would be screened for vulnerabilities, to identify their nationality, registered, photographed and fingerprinted, the letter clarifies. They would then be informed of their suitable to use for asylum and get details in a language they could comprehend. They would also be offered the correct to get hold of their spouse and children members, consulates or other authorities of their nations around the world, as very well as humanitarian organizations.

Fylakio Pre-removal Detention Center in northern Greece near Evros |Photo : Dana Alboz /InfoMigrants
Fylakio Pre-removal Detention Middle in northern Greece close to Evros |Picture : Dana Alboz /InfoMigrants

‘Results of investigations pending’

The authorities stated that for the duration of the period of time of the alleged incidents — September 2021 to January 2022 — the Greek authorities had created 1028 arrests “of irregular migrants at Evros.” They also pressured that Greek law enforcement officers experienced gone out of their way to conserve migrants and put their very own lives at chance in intense weather conditions to help save “hundreds of irregular migrants.”

The letter referred to trainings given to the border guard by UNHCR in 2021. All over 400 recently recruited border guards were qualified “on the main rules of internal protection and managing of populace groups at the border.”

With regard to the distinct allegations built, the letter detailed that two issues reporting informal refoulement of migrants from the Greek-Turkish border to Turkey had been filed in February 2021. These were being less than investigation by the Greek Ombudsman, but the final results have been however pending. One relevant to actions “allegedly dedicated on February 23 2021 and was submitted by a Syrian national.” A further was about events alleged to have taken position in the two days beforehand and were built by a Syrian nationwide with a residence allow in Germany.

Yet another grievance was obtained from an Afghan nationwide relating to functions in September 2021. He too alleged “unlawful refoulement” and “reprehensible law enforcement officers’ actions.” The benefits of the disciplinary investigation are also “even now pending.”

The Greek authorities say they found a “absence of ample evidence with regards to the correct area and time of the documented incidents” and is asking HRW for any additional proof they experienced to assistance them create what experienced taken place.

HRW demands halt to all pushbacks

HRW asks that the Greek authorities create a different inquiry into all allegations. The organization also phone calls on the European Fee to “push the authorities to build an impartial border checking mechanism that would examine allegations of violence at the borders.”

The Greek authorities ought to “instantly halt all pushbacks from its territory and make certain truthful therapy to people trying to get security in Greece and supply entry to asylum treatments for all who ask for it,” HRW claims.

*Not their real names, picked by HRW to protect the migrants’ identities