September 27, 2022

Here’s why disbarment in Wisconsin is only temporary … and why that may change

In some states, losing a regulation license — or acquiring “disbarred” — is without end.

In Wisconsin, a disbarred lawyer can petition to have a revoked license reinstated immediately after 5 yrs. And many do, even people who’ve been convicted of felonies.

At minimum a few Supreme Courtroom justices guidance removing that option in the most egregious cases.

“I believe that when it arrives to attorney willpower, courts should say what they imply and signify what they say,” wrote Main Justice Annette Ziegler. “We should really not be creating false perceptions to equally the public and to the lawyer seeking to practice law once more.

“I think there might be unusual and unusual circumstances that would warrant the long-lasting revocation of an attorney’s license to observe regulation.”

Ziegler’s opinions arrived in a short concurring view to the Supreme Court’s most up-to-date purchase of revocation, concerning Laura A. Schwefel of Sussex. Justices Brian Hagedorn and Rebecca Bradley joined Ziegler’s impression.