September 25, 2022

New rules for farm use tagged autos becomes law

Farming is challenging perform, and transportation often results in problems and price for farmers. But, there are some allowances in Virginia law to assist ease some of the burden.

Just one these kinds of exemption is the capability to use farm vehicles on the state’s roadways with minimum prerequisites. Farmers often will exhibit farm use placards to signify they are using automobiles only for the uses permitted, which permit farmers to waive outlined aspects of Virginia’s vehicle registration process.

On the other hand, right after several years of misuse by the state’s non-farming public, the procedure for getting placards now will be fully controlled beneath new laws.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed HB 179 and SB 186 into Virginia legislation on April 1, setting up a official method for Virginia farmers to acquire permanent farm use placards. The regulation has an helpful date of July 1, 2023, to allow for farmers to study about and put together for the new requirements.

HB179 and SB186 were being similar expenses sponsored by Del. Robert S. Bloxom Jr., R-Mappsville, and Sen. Emmett W. Hanger Jr., R-Mount Solon. Del. Ronnie Campbell, R-Fairfield, sponsored a similar invoice that was rolled into the Home model.

The new laws requires Virginia farmers to use for farm use placards by way of the Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles. The placards will have an alphanumeric identification selection and are nontransferable. They also must be exhibited at all instances.

Motor vehicles qualified for farm use placards are limited to pickup or panel vehicles, sport utility cars, vehicles with a gross pounds rating larger than 7,500 pounds, and trailers and semitrailers.

On the DMV application, farmers need to provide:

  • the identify of the operator or lessee of the motor vehicle for which the farm use exemption is being claimed
  • the spot and acreage of every farm where by the automobile will be employed
  • and the kind and amount of money of agricultural commodity made on a yearly basis.

The software also will call for a assertion signed by the operator or lessee that the car or truck will be employed for functions set forth in the Code of Virginia. These uses involve actions such as transporting materials to and from fields for the duration of planting and harvest seasons, transporting merchandise to market, and return outings of exempted farm motor vehicles.

And lastly, the application involves a signed statement that the exempted vehicle is insured with legal responsibility protection. The precise permitted employs of farm automobiles to qualify did not adjust in the new legislation.

Below the new legislation, Virginia DMV might demand $15 for the new placard.

Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, which supported the Household and Senate payments in the 2022 Virginia Normal Assembly, applauded the bill’s passage.

“It’s essential to preserve the exemption for the reputable takes advantage of of farm cars,” reported Andrew Smith, VFBF associate director of governmental relations.

“Virginia Farm Bureau customers have been ready to go by means of a formal process to assistance detect operators and have them attest to the correct use of these cars and verification of insurance policies. We respect Virginia legislators and Virginia DMV for operating with our business to formalize this system.”