August 16, 2022

Violinist Simone Porter finds a link in forthcoming Sarasota Orchestra overall performance

Susan L. Rife

It’s not anyone who might see connections concerning Henry James’ 1881 novel “Portrait of a Lady” and Samuel Barber’s 1939 Concerto for Violin, Op. 14.

Simone Porter does.

The violinist, who will be part of forces with the Sarasota Orchestra less than the baton of Thomas Wilkins for the up coming Masterworks concerts at the Van Wezel Accomplishing Arts Corridor, notes in a web site put up of her 10 most noteworthy textbooks of 2018 that “Portrait of a Lady” “echoed with and reanimated my approach to Barber’s Violin Concerto … I identified in just its descriptions of Isabel’s curiosity and cogitations an explicit sensibility that deepened my comprehension of the inquiry and open enthusiasm at the coronary heart of Barber.”

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The Barber concerto in dilemma is just one of the American composer’s ideal-identified is effective, and gives around its three movements a made the decision shift in character from the Allegro and Andante – with their lyrical, almost singing, good quality – to the Presto, which shows the full virtuosity of the violin and the violinist.